Youth Development

4PM has been at the forefront of youth-centric services ever since its inception in 1948. We believe that with the right developmental framework, we can empower youths to be the best that they can be.


Be Bold, Understanding, Determined, Dynamic, Yourself

4PM’s Buddy Mentoring Programme aims to inspire schooling youths to be the best versions of themselves through group-based activities that focus not only on learning more about themselves but also the community around them. 

Buddy provides a safe avenue for youths to gain new experiences, engage in meaningful activities, forge positive relationships and improve ties with the community.

Group activities are centred around the Positive Youth Development framework which is a strengths-based approach that places emphasis on developing relevant competencies, compassion for others, good character, self confidence, positive connections with others and encourages youth contribution to society. Youths are matched with older mentors of diverse backgrounds.

Quote from Mentor: “It’s not just a mentor – mentee kind of programme, it’s also something that helps you to grow as a person.”

Quote from Mentee: “I felt very connected to the 4PM family and all were willing to listen. It is like a feeling that I’ve never really felt when I’m alone.”

Youth EDGE

An all-hands approach to nurturing youths.

Youth EDGE is a new youth development and engagement programme by 4PM that aims to empower youths aged 13-19 through moral, socio-emotional support, enhancing sense of self, emotional resilience and nurturing prosocial behavior. Youths are given the opportunity to be involved in a youth-led (to lead a) community service project and youth camp. Through the different group activities, youths are able to interact with peers of different backgrounds. 

Not only are they able to experience positive growth and forge new friendships, they can spend more quality time with their families during these self-development cum family-bonding sessions as their caregivers are not left out either. We are committed to giving our caregivers a safe space to share their experiences where they can create a support group, lean on one another,  and pick up useful skills such as effective parenting tips along the way. They can also participate in the group activities with the youths which inevitably leads to a caring shared space and many heartwarming memories. Caregivers are given support, information and referral whenever needed.