Remaja Resilien

Remaja Resilien is a program that caters to mainstream youths who would like to be engaged in meaningful activities. The programme focuses on building resiliency through the concept of Positive Youth Development (PYD). Positive Youth Development is an approach that provides youth with the broadest possible support, guidance and opportunities enabling them to attain desirable long term outcomes as well as provide the maximum impact during the time of rapid growth and change (adolescence).

Using the rationale of PYD, we hope to equip youths with the 5 Cs – Confidence, Character, Connection, Competence and Contribution. Through PYD, young people are given the opportunity to exercise leadership, build skills and indulge in interests. It is hoped that by gaining positive values of trust, self confidence and practical knowledge from such opportunities, youths grow into healthy, happy and self-sufficient adults. At 4PM, we hope to equip youths with the E.D.G.E (Experience, Develop, Grow and Enrich) through positive energy and close rapport between staff, volunteers and mentors.

Programme Components include:

  1. Outreach Activities
  2. Music & the Arts (Gigs)
  3. Sports
  4. Camp Voyage
  5. Ramadan On Wheels (ROW)
  6. Graduation cum End of Year Performance
  7. Review

If you are between the ages of 13 to 25 years old and have the desire to make a participate and make a difference. Contact Ms Sriwani Haniff at 6242-6288 or .