Ramadan on Wheels

Ramadan on Wheels (ROW) began in 2001 when 4PM recognized the difficulties faced by elderly and needy families in collecting provisions during the monthly food ration distributions. Tapping on 4PM’s large pool of volunteers, ROW began as a ration distribution charity effort during the Islamic calendar month of Ramadan to send food provisions directly to beneficiaries’ homes. From this humble beginning, over the years, ROW has evolved with current needs to become a comprehensive family support program that looks into aiding beneficiaries on a sustainable engagement basis; as opposed to a one-off charity event.

During the ROW programme, our beneficiaries will receive the following:-
1. Provision of vouchers and food ration
2. Provision of skills training
3. Improvement of home living environment through home makeover of selected homes
4. Provision of health activities to promote healthy living
5. Positive social interactions with volunteers

To be a recipient for Ramadan On Wheels, you must be a:-
1. Singapore citizen or PR
2. With a monthly household income not exceeding $1,500 or per capita income of $500 or less
3.  And/or suffering from chronic illnesses or disability

For more information  on our Ramadan On Wheels, please contact us at +6242-6288 or email secretariat@4pm.org.sg.