Frenz Mentoring Programme

FRENZ Mentoring Programme is initiated with the aim to help youth build resilience, develop character and complete their post-secondary education, is a mentoring and school social work programme for ITE students. The three ITE colleges nominate classes for participation in FRENZ. Trained youth workers from 4PM attend lessons with the students in these classes. By coming alongside the youth, these trained workers will be in a better position to further understand the challenges faced by these students and provide timely support.

FRENZ adopts the school social work model coupled with mentoring and is based on the philosophy of Positive Youth Development (PYD). PYD is an approach based on the understanding that youth need support, guidance & opportunities during adolescence. It is hoped that through FRENZ, the frequency of at-risk behaviours among the students will be reduced as well as there are improvements in pro-social skills and/or communication and relationship with peers, teachers and family members. FRENZ was piloted in ITE College East in 2010 and thereafter expanded to Colleges Central and West in 2011. To date, FRENZ has served about 200 students on a yearly basis. Starting from this year, we have a high number of individuals who were formerly FRENZ participants, returning to volunteer as mentors after graduating from ITE.

If you are interested to know more on this programme, please contact: Mdm Zainon at +6242-6288 or email