Project BITE

Project BITE or BESTARI ITE aims to provide a holistic service to the ITE students and create more opportunity for all students to develop, grow and inculcate values such as lifelong and independent learning, have an entrepreneurial mindset and give back and share with the community. For more than 10 years, Project bITE has reached out and benefited more than 30,000 students.

Here are the few programme and target group under the bITE umbrella:


FRENZ is a comprehensive, mentoring programme catered specially for at-risk ITE students.

Tapping on to the Positive Youth Development framework, mentors will be matched with ITE students in a relationship based on interpersonal support, guidance, mutual exchange, coaching and role modeling. Apart from the students, we also hope to achieve a partnership between schools and the community to ensure a stable network of supporting systems.  

Using the multifaceted approach of Positive Youth Development and mentoring, students participate in developmental activities that encourages social interaction and empathy. FRENZ hopes to engage these youths who are on the brink of success to acquire the 5Cs. It is further hoped that as the students experience the FRENZ programme, they will develop and grow into responsible young persons who are able to enrich the lives of others. 


Guide. Empower. Motivate. Support.

GEMS is a programme catered for the general ITE student population.

It aims to nurture and develop the spirit of volunteerism within students through conducting meaningful pro-social activities that develops their skills and interests. We hope to Guide, Empower, Motivate and Support them through their volunteering journey with us by providing them with the platform to volunteer in 4PM’s several projects so that they gain more experience in the social service environment.

Our GEMS programme follows a strengths-based rehabilitation theory that augments the risk, need, and responsive principles of effective correctional intervention. 

This programme also assists youths to develop and implement meaningful life goals, build on their capabilities, strengths and personal functioning as well as learning new social skills and improving their interpersonal competence.

Bestari Club

After being accorded the Bestari Awards, 4PM aims to continue creating more opportunities for fellow Bestarians to experience, develop and grow through our youth developmental and mentoring programmes. Bestari Club is a progressive engagement programme that gives them an opportunity to give back to the community.

Their journey as a Bestarian goes beyond academic excellence. Many of our past recipients have gone on to continuously serve the community, involving themselves in other projects in bITE such as becoming a mentor for FRENZ and GEMS, participating in Ramadan on Wheels (ROW) and many more.

Bestari Award Ceremony

4PM BESTARI AWARD CEREMONY is an annual award that recognizes and rewards outstanding Malay/Muslim ITE students who have demonstrated excellent academic achievements. Every year, this award is given to the top 45 students across all three ITEs.

Students will be selected and recommended by their respective Section Heads, based on their academic results and other given criterias. Only one student from the cohort will be selected for the 4PM Bestari Outstanding Student Award. This is, by far, the highest award accorded to ITE students and it aims to exemplify an outstanding, well-balanced and all rounded student, who has shown exceptional desire, determination and commitment to progress and succeed throughout his or her stay in ITE.

Daniel Augusto Murlis, 2020 Bestari Outstanding Award recipient:

“If my mind conceived it, and my heart can believe it, then I can achieve it.”