We Care, We Share. (Kami Peduli, Kami Berkongsi)

We have been experiencing unusual and difficult times during the COVID-19 pandemic which has hit globally and has changed our lives in many different ways.

We seek support from the community to help those in need.

Our Success

“Our success is not really ours. It belongs to the community. Thus, 4PM must continue to be part of the Malay community’s success story in Singapore. We must play our part, contribute and continue to be a part of this journey. That is how we should measure our success.”

Izzuddin Taherally

Promoting the Malay Language

4PM has been the proud organizer of the annual Bahas 4PM series since 1993.

Engaging Youth

BESTARI ITE is a school social work programme tailored specifically for ALL students from the Institute of Technical Education.

Celebrating Aspirations

We recognize the growth of our youth and volunteers through Awards and Recognitions ceremonies

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Kami Peduli, Kami Berkongsi

We Care, We Share

From 1st March to 28th March 2021, catch our campaign “We Care, We Share” on Mediacorp Ria 897 as we talk to inspiring individuals and the many lives we have impacted.


4PM is a non-profit social service organisation that focuses on uplifting the educational status and investing in the young of the community. We are committed to moulding and shaping the lives of the youth as well as supporting the social and welfare needs of the Malay-Muslim community and the wider society in Singapore.

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